November 20, 2019

Astrid Eichhorn receives Sapere Aude grant

We are very pleased to announce that CP3 researcher Astrid Eichhorn has been awarded the prestigious Sapere Aude Research Leader grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark for her project "Fundamental building blocks of nature." Regarding the project, Astrid writes: 

My research project is driven by the question: What are nature’s fundamental building blocks, i.e., the constituents of matter and the quantum structure of spacetime? A central novelty of my project is my hypothesis that the interplay of matter and quantum gravity holds the key to the answer. I will test whether a powerful symmetry principle, scale-invariance, sets in at tiny distances close to the Planck sale, making quantum gravity with matter an asymptotically safe theory. My research methodology employs a mathematical version of a microscope, the Renormalization Group. Its use in two approaches to quantum gravity is a stand-out feature of my project. This will enable me to push the boundaries of the field by mapping the phase diagram of quantum gravity with matter, and bridging the gap to particle physics. I will discover whether quantum gravity and the Standard Model are asymptotically safe and for the first time explore the nature of dark matter in the asymptotic-safety paradigm.

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For the official announcement from SDU, go here (in Danish).