November 23, 2021

New grant for Space Club SDU from Teknologipagten

CP3 researchers together with SDU Galaxy, The University Library and Centre for Science Education and Communication Research have received a grant of 223.000 from Teknologipagten to establish Space Club SDU -
a space science and STEM education for university students at SDU and high school students in all of DK

The Space Club SDU Team includes:
Thomas Kaarsted and Bertil F. Dorch from the SDU University Library
Klaus Andresen from Nordfyns Gymnasium and Carsten Claussen former principal at Tornbjerg Gymnasium
Nicolai Iversen TEK Innovation and René Lynge Eriksen Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Denmark
Roman Gold and Adam Cohen Simonsen from Physics Syddansk Universitet - University of Southern Denmark
Connie Svabo Forskningscenter for Naturvidenskabelig Undervisning og Formidling