December 12, 2019

New outreach program: "Fra atomer og galakser til os"

Associate Professor Mads T. Frandsen and former master student Mette L. A. Kristensen, both CP3-Origins, have jointly with Jan Michael Hansen from UngOdense (Odense Ungdomsskole) received 246.000 DKK from the Villum Foundations 'Science i fritiden' program to start up a program 'Fra atomer og galakser til os' for school and high-school pupils age 14-18.

As part of advertisement for the program, danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen will visit SDU on Decmeber 17th and 19th, speaking to 450 students from schools and high schools on the 17th and for 450 members of the public on the 19th. The latter talk is in collaboration with Jysk Fynske Medier.

For more information on 'Science i fritiden', go here.