PhD Student

Thing, Mattias Ermakov

Short CV

Research Interests

High energy physics, in particular the Higgs sector and possible solutions to the missing mass problem. This includes research in beyond the standard model and methods to explain the missing mass problem with the addition of dark matter and possibly other exotic new physics. My master’s thesis was devoted to studying the possibilities brought by certain additional dark sector gauge groups, concretely by coupling the standard model gauge groups with the dark sector gauge groups via the Higgs sector, and in the process proposing an additional Higgs-like particle.
This research also requires a careful examination of the early universe. It is necessary to analyze what phase transitions these models brings. These phase transitions can induce effects like super cooling, preheating and inflation. Such effects can affect the possible gravitational signals, which future experiments might detect. These effects can also significantly affect the dark matter relic density.
In order to study the phenomenology of the different models a lot of simulation and computational tools are used.
As part of my Ph.D. studies, I’m interested in bringing modern data science methods like deep learning into the repertoire of resolving the missing mass problem, and in general this Ph.D. is dedicated to push the boundaries for how deep learning can be used to push physics to new frontiers.